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How Does DeGusipe Real Estate Work?

A Stress Free and Time Saving Approach to Selling Your Home.

How does spending thousands on repairs and investing hundreds of hours into showings, while waiting months before getting paid sound? Yeah, it doesn’t sound good to us either. We can have the entire process done in a week, saving you time, money, and your sanity.

DeGusipe Real Estate takes all the uncertainty, stress, and anxiety out of selling your home!

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Once you have requested your offer, we may ask for a simple inspection that will be conducted via video chat or in-person. Each inspection is quick and easy, and we only usually must do this one time. You don’t have to make any repairs or fix it up for us, because we will buy it exactly as it comes!

We treat each house and seller like family. Our warm and friendly staff will make you feel comfortable throughout the entire process, and we will give you the absolute highest offer that we can – given the condition and circumstances. You can trust DeGusipe Real Estate to be fast, friendly, and fair.

How We Calculate
Our Cash Offer

Once we have briefly inspected your home, we are able to quickly come up with an offer. Our offers are the highest among the competition because we are a local company that has a large network of commercial services that can help us lower the bottom line.

This means that you will get top dollar for your house given the market conditions and similar properties that have been sold in the area. You will not have to pay for expensive realtor fees.

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