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Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions.

Who is DeGusipe Real Estate?

We are the one-stop shop to sell your house for a great price very quickly. The difference between us and any other buyers is that we allow for complete control and flexibility on your end as the seller. You pick the closing date, and we take care of the rest!

When is Using DeGusipe Real Estate the Right Decision?

We take the headaches out of the traditional process of selling your home. It can be costly to wait months on end and make repairs to appease a buyer. Situations where a divorce or a death in the family is involved can be emotionally taxing and exhausting, and we can help take the weight off your shoulders. There are many events where selling your home in the conventional method will not be ideal for you, and that is why DeGusipe Real Estate is always ready to assist you.

How Fast Can We Close Once I Decide to Sell to DeGusipe Real Estaters?

We mean it when we say you choose the closing date. Once you accept our offer, we can close within a week! Your window for closing stays open from 1 week to 6 months after the offer. It is a sweet deal and empowers sellers by giving them control!

Do I Need a Real Estate Agent, And What If I Already Have One?

Although DeGusipe Real Estate will work with your agent if you already have one, we suggest that you go through the process without one. It will result in more money in your pocket as opposed to theirs and is one of the reasons our service is so amazing. If you do have an agent, we will put in an offer through them and go from there. Please inform us if you have an agent during the consultation and provide their information so we can get in contact with them.

How Does DeGusipe Real Estate Protect My Privacy?

We use services like DocuSign to ensure that your privacy is guaranteed. Our promise to you is that the entire process will be confidential and will be facilitated through lawyers and licensed title companies. You are in trusted hands with DeGusipe Real Estate.

How Does DeGusipe Real Estate Calculate My Homes Offer?

We have extensive history and experience with hundreds of properties that we have purchased over the years. Our team of experts will calculate the highest possible offer on your house given market conditions and comparable properties sold in the area. Our goal is for the deal to be a win-win, because that way we both come out ahead and you can refer us to friends and family who are interested in selling their home. We believe that we give the fairest offers and stand behind our approach.

What Fees Will I Pay Going Through DeGusipe Real Estate?

The amazing part about our service is that you do not have to pay the 4-6 percent that realtors usually charge for commission! You will put more money into your pocket in a shorter amount of time.

How Will I Receive My Offer?

You will get your offer within 24 hours, and it will be sent by email or over the phone. This courtesy will ensure that you are not kept waiting in anticipation.

When Will My Offer Expire?

Each DeGusipe Real Estate offer is customized for you, and thus each has a different expiration date. A time and a date will be given with your offer so that you know when it expires. If it ends up expiring, you can simply renew, and we will send you another offer!

Once I Accept My Offer, What Comes Next?

We will send you detailed instructions to sign your DocuSign documents and finalize your sales agreement. DeGusipe Real Estate will guide you every step of the way which will make it easy on you.

Can I Pick My Own Closing Date?

Absolutely! You can choose to close within a period of 5 days and up to 90 days. If anything changes, please let us know so we can accommodate you!

After I Accept the Offer, Is the Deal Finalized?

Yes, once you accept our offer, all you will need to do is fill out the sales agreements to finish the process.

After I Sign the Purchase Contract, How Fast Will It Be Finalized?

Once you sign the purchase contract, we will submit it to our title company in which the title work will begin and you will receive a check in as little as 5 days.

How Soon Will My House Go Into Escrow?

Once DeGusipe Real Estate and you sign the purchase contract, the house will go into escrow immediately.

Will You Inspect My House?

We often do not need to inspect your house to make an offer. If we feel that significant repairs and or structural damage is in play, we may need to conduct a 15–20-minute inspection. Don’t worry, we will be quick and usually we proceed without delay!

When Will Closing Documents Be Signed?

Our in-house title company will contact you a few days prior to closing and schedule the document signing. Once you sign these documents, you will receive your payout check!

What About My Mortgage Payoff?

Our in house title company will contact you after escrow is opened. They will assist you with the mortgage process and any other concerns.

What Do I Need to Leave Behind When I Move Out?

Nothing.. or everything! You can leave behind or take with you whatever you’d like.

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