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– Nora D. one of many satisfied sellers

A Stress Free and Time Saving Approach to Selling Your Home.

How does spending thousands on repairs and investing hundreds of hours into showings, while waiting months before getting paid sound? Yeah, it doesn’t sound good to us either. We can have the entire process done in a week, saving you time, money, and your sanity.

DeGusipe Real Estate takes all the uncertainty, stress, and anxiety out of selling your home!

"Turned a major headache into, well, a bit of a miracle. Closed the deal in two weeks flat. I'm still amazed. DeGusipe Real Estate, you guys are lifesavers."

Jacob Giancomo

Verified Customer

“I've had a chance to start fresh, rebuild my life, and leave the foreclosure worries behind. They're more than just a company; they're a lifeline for people facing tough times. Thank you guys.”

Michael Martinez

Verified Customer

"During a weekend barbecue, my neighbor, Sarah, mentioned DeGusipe Real Estate. Thought I'd give them a shout. Their team came around, had a good look, and made an offer. No fuss. Game changer. Thank you to the whole team at DeGusipe Real Estate."

Jenn Sheehan

Verified Customer

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